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>> 1/25/09

There are some tools that every trainer needs to do his job. There are a number of purposes that dog training equipment has, but in general it has specific functions to make the dog perform certain things, to get control over him or to train him faster.

1. Collar

Besides using normal training aids, a dog trainer will also use collars in the training process. There are a wide variety of types of collars, sorted by appeal, materials or their functions. If we're talking about classification by functions, collars can be spoke collars, chain collars, electronic collars, martingale collars or shock collars.

Usually, dog collars are made of nylon, leather, metal or fabric materials.

2. Harness

Something that can be used as a leash alternative, a harness is a device used for training, either replacing a dog collar or using it together with one. A harness can be used so that the pulling force is distributed more equally, so that the dog doesn't choke. A collar also brings with it the risk that the dog will slip out of it.

Dog harnesses aren't used to train a normal dog though. They're usually preferred when it comes to training assistant dogs or service dogs.

3. Leash or lead

The lead, or leash, is made usually out of rope or leather, which helps restrain or control the dog when it's attached to the collar. Some leashes are made so that they loop around the dog's neck, so the collar isn't needed. The length can also be a way to choose a leash: it can be short, very short, extended webbing leash or webbing leash.

The length matters because different training exercises will require leashes of different sizes, keeping the dog at a distance or close to you. Use long leashes for distance training or tight leashes for the best control.

4. Muzzle

If the dog has the habit of barking or biting, and you want him to stop doing it, you can use a dog muzzle. This dog equipment is very important, especially for dangerous or aggressive dogs that you want to prevent from doing any damage.

You place the muzzle on the dog's mouth, so he can''t open it and bite with it. You can use dog muzzle to vary how much freedom the dog has. You can also choose one depending on its shape or material. Materials used for dog muzzles can include leather, wire, nylon or plastic.

5. Bait Pouch

The bait pouch is putting a dog treat in your pocket, and it's a method that many dog trainers use. There is a disadvantage to that though, the fact that if you take some extra time to get the reward, the purpose of giving the dog a reward is a bit lost on him.

It's recommended to buy a special bait pouch if you want to use one for training. It's just like a normal pouch, but made from canvas. It's kept at the trainer's waist, so that he can access it easily.

6. Halter

The halter is a training gear similar to a collar, and it's used by trainers to guide or train pets, making it easier to control it. It goes over the dog's muzzle and fitted to the back of his head. By pulling the head, the trainer signals the dog to change his direction.

There are plenty of types of dog training equipment, by name, construction or purpose. You can't do everything with just one type of equipment. Decide what you want it to do before you buy it.

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