Dog Potty Training: Tips and Tricks

>> 12/21/09

Dog potty training is highly impossible if your dog is no longer a pup. The best time to potty train your dogs is when they are still pups because the older they get, the harder it gets for you to teach them anything so once you get that puppy, start dog potty training as early as possible. Old dogs cannot learn new tricks, remember?

The first rule to remember is once your dog eat, you would only have to wait for 15 minutes before it makes that food into poop and that goes the same way with water -only this time it's pee. Your job as his or her owner is to get your dog do his or her business where you want it and not cleaning up poop all your dog's life.

Training rule number 2 is for you and your pup to go out in your backyard early in the morning or as soon as the both of you are awake already. Do this after he finishes his first meal as well. Dogs, especially puppies, love taking naps. Be sure that when your puppy wakes up from his nap that you take him out for a walk in your backyard. If you love giving your pup lots of snacks, wait for 15 minutes for him to digest it and then go out for a walk with your dog again so he could do his pooping in the yard or wherever you want him to.

Rule number 3 is to cheer your puppy when he finally produces poop. Do this when he poops in the right place, your happy voice will let your dog know that you are happy in seeing him do this. Once your dog sees you are happy, he will do it over and over and over again.

Rule 4 -feed your puppy when you can wait 15 minutes and have enough time to take him outside. This goes with his water intake as well but if you give your dog proper potty training, you will not have any problems with how much he has to drink in a day.

If your dog is still not potty trained this becomes a big problem during summertime because dogs need to drink lots of water to keep their body at the right temperature. You can save cleaning time by having your dog learn how to tap on something or maybe ring a bell when he needs to pee. What needs to be done in this case is before you bring your dog to his peeing area, make him ring a bell. Do it every time you two go out so that he will make it into a routine. This will greatly help you get a tip off that your dog is about to go.

Rule number 5 will be a bit difficult for puppy and dog lovers but it has to be implemented. Once your dog had a poop accident i.e. pooping in a prohibited space, ignore your dog and clean up his mess as quietly as possible. Punishing or yelling your dog will not make him learn it will only confuse him. For some dogs, you yelling or being mad might be a bit amusing because hey, they cannot understand your language!

Rule number 6 is to keep your dog with you wherever you go. This will prevent poop and pee accidents. Remember that this will also help you sustain a healthy relationship with your dog. Have fun with the dog potty training!

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Realistic Methods For House Training A Puppy

>> 12/18/09

Consistency, commitment, patience and paying close attention are needed for house training your dog as well as newspaper.

A guide for training your puppy is listed below. Remember that accidents will happen even if you have a full grown dog.

Be patient and consistent when training your puppy as this training period can last a couple of weeks or more.

Develop a routine.

As with babies, puppies learn faster with normal schedules. This helps the puppy learn that there is a time for going to the bathroom, playing and eating.

For every month of age, a puppy can control their bladder for an hour. So, if the puppy is two months old, then he can control his bladder for two hours. Remember this when taking your puppy out for potty breaks. Hiring a dog walker might be necessary if you work away from the home to keep the schedule.

Take your puppy outside as soon as he wakes up, after drinking or eating, and during or after playing. Also, choose a spot outside for the bathroom. Always take him to that spot while he is on a leash. Use words or phrases such as "get busy" while he is going to the bathroom. He will learn to associate these words with relieving himself.

Rewards are one way to teach your puppy. When he has finished using the bathroom praise him or give him a treat before he goes back into the house.

On average, puppies eat approximately three to four times per day. Feed your puppy at the same time to help develop a regular feeding schedule and bathroom schedule.

To keep your puppy from needing to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, put his dishes up about two hours before bedtime. If he does wake up in the middle of the night, stay calm, so he won't think it is time to play. Don't turn on a lot of lights or play with him. Take him outside and then go back to bed.


Keep an eye on your puppy when he is inside so he will not soil in the house.

When the puppy is not being trained or played with, have him on a six foot leash beside you. If he begins sniffing, barking, circling, scratching at the door or becomes restless, he may need to use the bathroom. Take him outside immediately if you notice this behavior. Use praise or treats to reward him when he is done using the bathroom.

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