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>> 1/18/09

All dog owners know how difficult it can be to train your dog, and although on one hand your favorite pet is keen to please you, on the other hand they do not always understand what it is that you want from them. This can I know at times be very frustrating, but before you think about giving up let us consider some things that can help you.

When your dog does what you want her to do it is essential that you offer reward and praise. Don't just resort to punishment when they do something wrong, but reward them when they do it right. Dogs love it when we give them our full attention and approval, and they will do all they can in order to get it. For instance, if you want him to go to the toilet in a certain place then reward them when they do, in fact, go over the top with your praise. This positive reinforcement is vital to your success in getting your dog to do what you want.

Now there are some training aids on the market which you can buy, some quite frankly being much better than others. Expert dog trainers are now turning away from choke collars and chains saying that they are quite ineffective for the task, as well as being harmful. What is still held in high esteem however is a good strong collar and lead, one which you can give a gentle tug to and get your dogs attention without causing any discomfort. A dog needs to be reminded of what they can and cannot do, and a good lead will help with this. Some people like to use a muzzle in order to try and control barking both when out, and when at home, but we should never forget that barking is something that comes naturally to a dog.

One of the things that I find very satisfying is to sit down and groom my dog with a simple grooming brush. They do not cost much at your local pet store but they can give big rewards. Not only will your dog look good, but it will help them to develop a calm nature. Give it a try and see what I mean. While you are at the pet store purchase a couple of chewy toys, you will be amazed at how much fun both of you will have playing with them, and the bonus is a tired dog that does not get into mischief!

Let me say in conclusion a few words about the bathing of your dog which although at first sight might seem rather an onerous task, can actually be quite enjoyable for both of you. Treat it as a training exercise, and in time you both will come to look forward to it. Number one priority is to make sure you use only shampoo designed for dogs, do not be tempted to use your own shampoo, and then complete the exercise by using a conditioner which again must be designed for dogs. Have fun, and your dog will enjoy it too.

John Charles has been involved in training dogs for years. Before you think about any dog training make sure you visit John's Dog Training website. You will be amazed at how different this is.

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