Great Dane Training

>> 8/10/09

Before getting a Great Dane, think about the training that you will be giving your Great Dane. Great Dane training is very important especially if you have little kids in the house. Great Danes are not known to be predominantly ferocious; however, they oftentimes think that they are smaller than they really are in reality.

You may compare a full grown Great Dane to a horse. Imagine having a Great Dane jump on you - this can knock you down, if a Great Dane can knock you down, now visualize the same action, but this time the dog is jumping on a little kid, this can cause major injury. This is why Great Dane training is really essential and it can also be beneficial for you and your new pet when it arrives to its new home.


Great Danes are actually really good with people and they always want to jump up to greet someone. This isn't a problem when the Dane is a puppy but when it becomes full grown, and still thinks its puppy sized, this can get to be a big problem.

The first thing you would want to teach your Dane is by training it to stay down during the initial Great Dane training process. You can give your Dane treats whenever it refrains from jumping on you especially when walking in the door for the first time.

If your dog gets down after telling it to, give your dog a treat. As long as you stay consistent and so long as your dog understands whatever it is that you want during Great Dane training lessons, teaching it to stay down and not jump on you or anyone else will be easy.

Training The Potty Business

One important thing that you should have in Great Dane training is potty training. This is to preparer your dog in being an inside dog and this would mean training your Dane to go outside when it needs to do its business. One way of doing this is to look for warning signs.

Once you start seeing your dog about to squat or sniffing around, take him outside in an instant. When your dog finishes its business outside the house, praise him or reward him with a treat. Again, being consistent will make your dog know the reasons as to why its being praised and being rewarded.

Great Dane training is really not that tough, however, make sure that you do this while your dog is still small and easy to manage because once he gets older, Great Dane training will be harder since the dog that you will be training at that time may be bigger than you are.

Great Dane Training by Andyl Hannerl

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