Why Dogs Bark and How to Control Barking

>> 8/16/09

When a dog barks, they are simply communicating. It is normal for a dog to bark. Whether they are alerting you to someone else in the vicinity or telling you they are hungry, it is the only way they have to let you know what they want. They may bark when they feel playful or they are bored. This is also how dogs may communicate with each other. However, there are dogs that taking their barking to the extreme.

The dog that barks at anyone that invades their territory is known as an alert barker. Unfortunately, if they are barking at anyone that simply walks by your yard, their behavior is reinforced as the person continues on past your property. The dog feels their barking scared them away and their barking behavior continues. On the other hand, there are dogs who simply bark for attention or because they are bored. They may bark when they are upset or anxious or at any small sound they hear. While a small amount of barking is normal, if the behavior becomes excessive, dog owners must take a firm stand to get it under control.

To control your dog's barking, the important thing to remember is that you must not reinforce their behavior. By petting your dog or giving him attention when he barks, you are telling him that it's okay and giving them the feeling that they have done right. Instead, you must speak to your dog firmly. Use one word for the improper behavior, such as "Stop". Spend at least a half-hour each day training your dog using this word. You can do this by simulating situations in which your dog will display their excessive barking. Get the whole family involved in the correction of your dog's behavior. While it can be time consuming, it can be an effective method to help control barking.

Unfortunately, there are many dogs who display their excessive barking, regardless of the amount of time you put in attempting to stop their behavior. In these instances, a dog barking collar may be what is needed. The collar is designed as a method of correcting a dog's excessive barking habits. When the dog barks, they receive a negative response by the collar and they will eventually associate barking with the negative effects. Collars can be purchased to emit a small electric shock, a sound that is irritating, or an offensive odor. While one type of collar may not work for your dog, another may, so you may need to try all three types to find out which one will control your dog's bad behavior.

Dog bark collars can be purchased for under a hundred-dollars and can save you much more in the fines you may have to pay for your dog's annoying habit of excessive barking. The important thing to remember, however, is even when using a dog bark collar to control your pets unwanted behavior, they must still be rewarded for their good behavior. When you find the dog bark collar is working, make sure your pet gets the good attention that he deserves for controlling his bad behavior.

Why Dogs Bark and How to Control Barking by Gen Wright

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