Teach Heel And Take Control Of Walks

>> 8/12/09

Does your dog take you for a walk or are you in full control when you are out on your daily strolls? If what you experience is a pulling canine that is wheezing breath as he is desperately trying to move you forward faster, you are not in control and need to teach your pet how to heel.

The Heel command is not difficult to put into practice but it does require your consistence and patience. Once your dog learns to walk nicely, he won’t require the many corrections he will need in the beginning. When he understands you are in charge of the walk you will see a vast improvement and it will be like walking a whole new pooch.

However, before you can reap the rewards, you need to ensure they will happen by using these steps to success:

Step 1 – Walk your dog on a non-retractable 4 or 6 foot lead (do not exceed 6 feet). You will no longer tolerate any pulling. Each time your pet pulls, stop immediately and plant your feet firmly on the ground. Remain in place without moving for as long as he tugs. As soon as he ceases his attempt to drag you forward and the leash goes slack, give the command “Heel, praise him and continue on your walk.

Step 2 – Sometimes standing your ground isn’t enough to stop the hauling. To remedy this problem what you can do is suddenly change directions on him mid walk. When you feel tension in the lead, instantly turn and walk in the opposite direction you were going. This will get his attention and make him aware of your presence, which is what you want. Go back to using the standstill method when the pulls are less frequent.

Step 3 – While you walk and he is behaving himself, give him words of encouragement and praise and reward him with a few treats if you want to let him know that how he’s behaving is exactly what you want of him - you are pleased.

Step 4 – When the pulling becomes very infrequent, in place of stopping and standing, say “Heel” and give a light correction with the lead by giving him a gentle tug on the side to make him aware of you. Praise him when he responds as you desire.

Teach Heel And Take Control Of Walks by Kenny Flarity

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