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>> 8/23/09

Puppy clicker training is a lot more simple to pick up than the usual command-driven training. Clicker training encompasses all types of animals, no matter the age. Puppies especially respond to it. Here are a few tips to get you going:

1. Before you proceed with your puppy clicker training, take some time and bond with your dog, and be ready to please.

2. Acquire the attention of your pup by calling its name in a apparent but habitual voice, and coax the pup to you. If your pup has not gathered the fundamental command 'come', you can teach that to it first. Say the pup's name initially before the command. (Such as "Fido, come".) Keep the command short and sweet. Saying its name first gets the attention of the pup, and the regular demand after that tells the pup what you want.

3. Press the clicker when you dog comes to you,, at that time give the pup a treat when he or she reaches you. This is reinforcing clear behavior, and soon your dog will understand that he or she can respond to a command and a treat will go along that click. The dog will actually initiate to watch you and take note, which is what you aspire.

4. Train your dog. With your pup in front of you, the treats in your left hand and the clicker in your right, the two of you are ready. Move the hand that has the treat over your dog's head amid its ears. As he or she looks up, click and treat. Recap this several times.

5. Slant over your dog just a tiny so with the intention of he or she leans back. As soon as his or her back legs begin to fold, click and treat. Recap this several times.

6. Be long-suffering with puppy clicker training. Eventually your dog will sit. Click and treat. Relocate to an extra part of the room and see if your dog follows. If not, call him or her to you, then take your left hand out over his or her head. Don't say anything, see if the dog sits by itself. Click and treat. Then move again and do again the process several times. Many dogs will begin to follow their owner around and sit, in suspense for a treat! Have enjoyment with your dog!

7. Train the puppy to stay seated by having him or her sit, but delay a few moments, then click and treat. Repeat this several times.

Puppy Clicker Training Mind Blowing Puppy Training Tips by Aaron Owens

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