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>> 8/8/09

One of the most important things to remember when training your dog to learn any command is that he is smart enough and old enough to understand the training. In addition, you as the owner or the trainer must be prepared to correctly use an electronic collar and have an abundance of patience. While it may be frustrating at first, before you know it, basic commands like ‘here' will become quickly familiar. Ensuring you understand the proper training method not only will help you, but will result in no harm coming to your dog.

Most of us feel that the ‘here' command is pretty basic. However, before you start teaching your dog to ‘come here' he should be familiar with even more basic commands like sit, stay and heel.

As with all other training, the ‘here' command should begin on a leash and not on the electronic training system until you are both comfortable. To start off this training, it's best to mix other commands. This helps your dog focus, retain and also lets him know that he needs to gear up for training or working.

To begin this training, walk with your dog and issue the heel command a number of times during your walk. Make sure you praise him liberally when he follows your command. Once this has become fairly simple, tell your dog to sit. Once he's sitting, begin slowly backing away from him (making sure he remains sitting).

Once this is accomplished, use the ‘here' command. Remember, this is probably not going to be the easiest thing that you teach your dog, as he's liable to be confused by the process since you've already taught him the ‘stay' command. Once you've convinced your dog that ‘here' is a new command and that he must obey, you'll probably find he'll resist this less and less. Remember, this portion of training is going to require a fair amount of patience on your part, as your dog likely is going to be confused by this whole exercise and he's likely to put up a bit of a fight.

The best way to proceed is that you will do this a number of times – walk, stop, issue the sit command, and then when he least expects it tell him to come here. Your dog should be rewarded for obeying the ‘here' command until he's comfortable enough to do it without a lot of extra encouragement or a reward waiting after he's successfully obeyed you. It's important to remember that regardless of whether you are training a hundred pound dog with a normal amount of attitude or a ten pound dog with a hundred pounds of attitude that they must know that you are the one who is in control at all times.

Once you have successfully taught the ‘here' command on a leash, you can transition to an electronic collar after properly preparing your dog. Once you've accomplished the training on the electronic collar it might be a good idea to leave the receiver on him until you're comfortable that he will obey – you do not have to turn the collar on, some dogs will automatically change their behavior just because they are wearing their training collars. Once you are comfortable that your dog will follow all commands without correction, you should be able to remove the electronic collar completely. Depending on your dogs' personality, you may find that from time to time it's helpful to reintroduce the collar just to remind your dog that you and you alone are in charge.

The Here Command – Electronic Collar by Geoffrey English

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