Dog leash training doesn't have to be difficult

>> 9/13/09

Leash training your dog is one of the basic things that you will want to accomplish so that you can take the dog with you to different places.

It’s natural for dogs to pull, but this can be dangerous for both your dog and the dog owner. Pulling on the leash can injure the dog as well as causing injury to the owner who is being pulled. Leash training your dog, is effectively achieved by teaching him this one simple fact... pulling will get him nowhere. Never let your dog or puppy get anywhere that they are pulling. Remember, you're walking you dog, not the other way around.

Dog leash training can be very frustrating and does takes some time, but it does not have to be so difficult. The following video will provide some helpful tips to follow for leash training dog owners.

In this video, Certified Pet Dog Trainer, Leigh Siegfried describes how to turn your unruly fido into a leash walking dream. This video series includes and finding your dog's motivation, using the right equipment to prevent pulling, tips and techniques to lay a foundation for a working relationship before you hit the sidewalk, and what to do once you get in the real world.

Dog Leash Training - Fading Your Hand Target

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