Puppy Instruction: Solutions and Guiding Methods For the Most Common 4 Puppy Manner Dilemmas

>> 9/15/09

Puppy Instruction: Housebreaking is a matter of you keeping track of your dog around the house and observing for signs they may need to go outside and potty.

-Unless you are crate training your puppy, they will most likely be allowed to roam around the house. Now I'm not suggesting you should chase your puppy around all day, just be sure you know where they are, and keep track of how long it's been since they've eaten, or had drink of water, and how long ago it was you took them out.

- Formulate a schedule for taking the puppy outside until it learns to let you know, in someway that they need to go out. This will finally happen, even in the most callous of breeds.

Puppy Training: HELP!! My Puppy is BITING EVERYTHING!!

-This is actually extremely simple to fix. Go to your local pet supply store or walmart, kmart, or wherever and buy your puppy a chew toy. A chew toy that makes some type of noise when bitten is best for puppy training.

-The best way to let your puppy know that they are not supposed to chew on anything except their new toy would be to either, catch them in the act, firmly tell them "no", and give them their toy to chew on. The other way to train your puppy would be to sit with them in the floor and put something in front of them that they have been caught previously chewing on, along with their new toy. When they begin to chew on the item they were previously chewing on, firmly tell them "no", take that item away, and give them the toy. Repeat this process several times and you will almost immediately begin to see results. Eventually, they won't even think about chewing on anything but their toy.

Puppy Training: Training Your Puppy to go for a Walk

-The first thing to remember about leash training should be common sense to most people, be sure to choose the right size collar for your size puppy.

-Today, retractable leashes are a valuable tool in training your puppy. Using a retractable leash will allow you to control where you want your puppy to walk when you eventually are able to walk them without the leash. Just be sure when you are doing your puppy training you remember not to pull to hard on the leash. Have patience when training your puppy and realize it's a journey, that after a while allows your puppy training to become a success.

Puppy Training: An Energetic Puppy is a Happy Puppy, NOW WHAT ABOUT ME?!

- If your puppy is too active, don't worry, this is fixable with a simple training method I picked up years ago when I was still a newbie. First, stop playing aggressively with your puppy instantly. Next time your puppy begins to get aggressive, immediately start to turn your back on them as much as possible, and reward them when they settle down.

- Jumping up on visitors or even other family members is an inconvenient aspects of life when living with a puppy. This is one of those aggressive temperaments I mentioned above. So simply keep repeating those steps, and your puppy will begin to understand how you expect them to act in every instance.

These 4 puppy training techniques are simple enough, yes, but if you do not consistently practice these methods with your puppy, you will never have a puppy that grows up to be the model dog we all want. A dog that listens when you talk, that will stay beside you when you take them for a walk, and respect you as their pack leader. Dogs are pack animals and they will only listen to you if they see you as their pack leader, and by following the steps above your puppy will soon grow to see you as their pack leader.

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