Four Favorite Havanese Training Activities

>> 9/4/09

Activities and sports are not only time fillers and energy vents for your dog. More than that, they are structures that people and dogs could use to better understand and communicate with the other. Training with your dog gives better exercise, is a fulfilling exercise, and will improve hoe you know each other. Here we cover some fun activities everyone can do with their dog.

Canine Good Citizen Plenty of dog owners pick CGC training as the first step to helping their dogs. This test is a certification program that observes how the dogs are in simulated daily situations in a relaxed atmosphere. No doubt, it is fun and useful, and both you and your dog will have better ties. This observation of your dog's training and manners is far from being a competition and so, you and your dog are not under pressure to be precise and all proper. This program actually is the base for other AKC activities such as tracking, obedience, agility, and show events.

Rally – O This is the hottest AKC event for the show circuit right now. Teams go through the course at a fast continuous performance without judge intervention. Handlers are moreover allowed to talk with their dogs while competing. But Rally is more relaxed than precision competitive Obedience, with more priority given to attitude and enthusiasm. While the spectrum of exercises and courses are meant to reveal your versatility and teamwork. Rally serves as the bridge from the CGC program to obedience or agility, both for dogs and handlers.

Obedience An obedience trial examines a dog's capacity to accomplish certain routines in the obedience ring. There are three levels wherein your dog can get a title, with the next level more challenging than the preceding one. Tasks cover a whole variety of skills such as sitting, standing, and heeling up to jumping, sorting scents, retrieving. All participants in a class or category need to accomplish the same exercises in the same manner so that the quality of one performance can be matched up against the others. This time, there is really pressure to be accurate and correct according to regulations in the performance of both handler and dog.

Agility In an agility competition, a dog shows off its agility and versatility by accomplishing cues from its handler. With the help of signals from its human, the dog will go through a series of jumps, weave poles, tunnels and other objects. The dog needs to do all of it off-leash, with the handler directing through body signals and voice commands.

Four Favorite Havanese Training Activities by Richard Cussons

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