The Most Important Dog Training Tip

>> 9/26/09

The internet is overflowing with an abundance of Dog Training tips. However it seems that so many articles out there overlook the MOST important one.

It’s the one tip that will set the stage for the rest of your dog training efforts. The most important dog training tip is knowing how to be the “Alpha Dog” so your little buddy will respect you and follow your commands with obedient attention. This article is going to show you how to accomplish just that.

Take the lead and be the Alpha Dog…

Dogs naturally have a pack mentality. There's no getting around it. You must establish yourself as the pack leader.

Some people find it difficult to create dominance over their puppy. After all, your puppy is just "sooo cute". How can you look at that adorable face and be stern?

The simple truth is your dog WANTS to be led.

All dogs have either Alpha or Beta qualities. If your dog has strong Alpha qualities, he will compete with you for leadership. Let the dog win this battle and you'll be following HIS rules.

You need to be consistent with your dog training, rule setting and dominance or your dog will feel like he needs to take the top spot on the hierarchy.

Conversely, if your dog has a Beta type personality and you don't establish clear rules, he will become anxious and confused. Without a leader the dog may become fearful, confused or aggressive.

As a dog owner, your responsibility is to train your dog to understand that YOU are the "Alpha Dog" of the pack.

By acting like the "Alpha Dog", your dog will be able to instinctively relax and just follow your lead.

Additionally, your family members or other owners must establish themselves on the hierarchy of the pack. Your dog should understand that he is the lowest on the chain and it is his place to follow everyone's lead.

This will create a friendly, obedient and submissive dog that is respectful of your commands. Really the point of all this is to have your dog's respect and obtain control.

Everything you do from the moment you get your puppy will either build upon your Alpha role or take away from it.

That's why it is so important to have a clear understanding of rules before you get your dog.

When you stick to hard and fast boundaries for your dog's behavior, he will begin to understand what he can and can't get away with. This also includes feeding him on a set schedule.

As he realizes YOU'RE the boss, he will comply effortlessly with the kind of behavior you expect.

Part of this strategy involves the immediate correction of disapproved behavior with acceptable behavior. A good example of this is when your dog is chewing on one of your shoes and you replace the shoe with an approved chew toy.

You must also immediately follow the bad behavior with a sharp "No" and ALWAYS encourage any good behavior with "Good Boy". This taps into the power of positive reinforcement dog training.

I expand on this in other articles. But for now, know that these two phrases are "trigger commands". Over time, they will become incredibly powerful so use them appropriately.

Now you have a much better understanding of how dogs think. So don't feel bad about enforcing rules to your dog. It's actually comforting to him.

By establishing your role as the leader, you make your dog's life less chaotic and can train him knowing you are doing the right thing.

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REMEMBER: Dogs need to live by the rules of the pack in the wild and the same is true in your home. The sooner he knows his order in life, the happier he will be and the easier he will fit into the family routine. Make sure you establish yourself as the alpha dog!

How to Become the Alpha Dog

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