Jack Russell Training For Better Understanding Of An Assertive Dog

>> 9/10/09

One good way to come to terms with the assertive or obstinate nature of a dog is to study how that nature is used by the dogs. Herding dogs are known for more assertiveness than other dog breeds. A Border Collie is an example. The dog is actually tenacious enough to intimidate livestock or other animals, even its humans.

Right from the start, Jack Russell Terriers were meant for some persistent and tenacious hunting and stalking of quarry. The dog will literally enter another animal's home to get it by hook or by crook to leave. The terrier will want to use bark, nip, and bite to enter unknown,even hostile territory, and boss around that animal owner.

How may this field behavior translate in the four corners of your home? Some factors that influence are how assertive your dog is, and how independent it is. Usually, the higher in pack status the dog is, the more likely it is to think independent. Independent dogs are not given to checking on their owners' approval or disappointment before taking action. What makes Jack Russells a challenge to most dog owners is that they are quick thinking and are quite creative. I know a certain female JRT that rolls on its back when approached, and is a submissive dog by nature. In most breeds, more submissive dogs will give way to a leader, and will actually prefer a poor leader compared to themselves leading. But this same dog will not back down from taking on a woodlands predator that outweighs her, so persistent is she to taking down the vermin.

How does a dog handler-owner deal with all this? Dealing with simply extra-dominant dogs is solved by doing even more obedience training. But highly assertive dogs like the JRT are tagged in their very genes to persist and insist in getting whatever they want. So the point is that there is no quick, two-step way to get it to comply. While a Rottweiler will not want to toe the line after a series of obedience training, the Jack Russell Terrier's training report card will look like hit or miss. The dog's assertive nature simply seeks to find a loophole one way or another that will allow it to do things its way. But it could get worse; a dog without physical or mental challenges, or Jack Russell Training will only feel more impelled to have you as the target of its assertive and creative efforts!

Jack Russell Training For Better Understanding Of An Assertive Dog by Richard Cussons

Richard Cussons is a dog lover who writes dog articles including jack russell terrier training. Know more jack russell training tips at jackrussellsavvy.com.

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