Socializing Your Dog Effectively

>> 12/17/09

Dogs are a lot like human beings. They love to interact with just about anyone. You would actually be quite amazed at the way they take to different animals, such as other dogs, or even reptilian creatures. Of course this isn't the same for all dogs. You will find that some dogs are very hostile, even to their own species. It's strange, but it is quite factual. Like people, all dogs are different.

If you are an animal lover, then you know the value of having several dogs, regardless of their species. This makes it very difficult to keep your house in order, and then you have the fact that your dogs will want to defend their territory. If you have ever seen a canine territorial conflict, then you know what a headache can be. We've all had the experience of walking the dog in the middle of the night, and watching a rival dog wander into the yard. Have you ever managed to make it back inside without the entire front of your body covered in wet grass?

This type of situation calls for dog training or training a puppy to be social. Dogs are similar to children, since they learn so easily if you take time to teach them to behave properly. Things are so much easier to learn as a child. While your dog is, a puppy is the best time to help them distinguish between friend and foe. They are trying to learn and you should take advantage of that situation early on.

Take the time to introduce your puppy to other dogs, if you only plan to keep one dog as a pet. You can teach the dog that not all dogs are the enemy. In order for it to become used to being touched, you should touch and pet the puppy. Doing so reduces the chance of the dog biting as well as creates a friendlier dog.

While introducing your puppy to other dogs, keep a tight grip on the leash, until you are sure they are not going to fight. Sure, this is controlling, however, your puppy needs to learn between what is right, and what is not.

Puppies and dogs love to play, which includes biting, jumping and shoving one another. However, you can teach them not to do such things. They do these things while playing with one another; it is part of their nature. You just want to be sure that they are not really, hurting one another while playing together. Another distraction is having your dog or puppy jump on you continually, whether or not it is a lap dog.

You might find that your dog likes to bark. All dogs love to bark, it is quite natural, but it becomes a bit nerve racking if your dog is standing in the house barking at all times. You can try to distract them with a treat, or teach them to stop barking all the time. It might not work at first, and if that is the case you will need to keep trying. Perhaps you can teach them that you will provide them a treat, but only if they will stop barking. If you use this method then over time they will learn only to bark when absolutely necessary.

Train a puppy or dog to be quiet by placing the animal on its back and then yell into his or her face. It does not look so pleasing to others; however, it is a good working method many professional dog trainers use to train a puppy or dog to be quiet. This method works well with rescue animals as well to help teach him or her to be quiet.

Just remember to train your dog as early as possible. Trained properly he or she can be a worthy companion and friend for years to come. Keep this in mind next time you decide to raise a four legged companion.

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