Several Tips For Curbing Your Dog's Jumping

>> 12/10/09

Canines jump on people for a variety of reasons. One of the most common is to greet a person. Dogs learn to do this when they're puppies, so it is instinctive. Another reason is to display dominance. As pack animals, it's a natural behavior for them to stand on their back legs and place their front paws on others. That communicates their place in the pack. A third reason is because they have been encouraged to jump in the past. This often happens when owners condition their dogs to jump when they are puppies.

Whether your pooch is jumping on you, your visitors, or your neighbors, it's important to curb the habit. It can frighten people and make them less inclined to treat your dog with respect and kindness. The good news is that discouraging the behavior can be accomplished quickly with the following three tips:

Tip 1 - Block Him

When your pooch jumps, avoid letting him place his front paws on you. If he is able to do so, he will have already achieved his goal; removing him is unlikely to communicate that you find the behavior unacceptable. Instead, turn immediately to the side and lift your leg to block him. After he has landed on the ground, tell him to sit. Once he does so, kneel down by him and give him your attention. Doing this teaches him that remaining on all four paws is more likely to result in your attention than jumping.

Tip 2 - Turn And Walk Away

There will be situations in which your canine will jump and place his front paws on you before you have had a chance to turn and lift your leg. Avoid shoving him off. He may misunderstand your intent and believe you're playing with him. Instead, simply turn around and walk the other way. Don't tell him "down!" or "stop!" Avoid giving him any attention at all. Simply turn and walk. Then, come back to him. If he remains on the ground, kneel down and give him attention.

Tip 3 - Provide An Alternative

Dogs adopt behaviors as a response to stimuli. To curb his jumping, give him an alternative response that he can use. For example, train him to sit when someone knocks at your door. Or, train him to retreat to his crate or another area of your house when he hears the doorbell. Providing an alternative response may not help curb his jumping on you (use the two tips above to accomplish that), but it will prevent his jumping on visitors.

When canines jump on people, the reason is usually due to they're being excited to see the person on whom they're jumping. Remember, dogs are sociable by nature. Use positive reinforcement such as praise rather than punishment to discourage the habit. Before long, your pooch will learn that he can gain your attention without putting his front paws on you.

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