Stop Your Dog From Jumping Up To People With The Following Advice

>> 12/14/09

Did you know that a dog jumping up on people can be hazardous? It is also irritating and humiliating. Use the following tips to stop your dog from jumping up to people.

As puppies, this behavior may be considered cute. As they get bigger, the same behavior tend to become a big issue and can be hard to overcome. If you feel bad about your dog jumping on you, think about what your visitors might be feeling.

Every time you come home or have visitors your lovable dog jumps all over you and your company ruining their freshly cleaned and ironed pants

Elderly people or small children risk being knocked over by your dog if the dog jumps up on them.

Having a dog hop up on people is their way of showing that they are ecstatic to see them.

Taking control the situation may be why your dog jumps up on people.But it is more likely that he does it to get your attention.

Teaching your dog that jumping on people is not good is a choice you have to make.

Do not hit your dog to stop the behavior. It does not work. If you reward your dog with attention, the behavior will happen more often. Be consistent in the message that you are trying to communicate to them. Anyone who come close to your dog has to do the same thing.

At the first sign of jumping, turn away from your dog. Don't say anything or make eye contact with the dog. This lets the dog know that they will get nothing from you.

Wait until the behavior has stopped before giving your dog affection. This will teach him that if he does not jump, he is more likely to get your attention.

Another method is to offer your dog something an alternative like sitting. This is known as alternate behavior training.

Reinforcing positive behavior when teaching your dog not to jump is quiet simple. Be consistent in your efforts and the problem will disappear. Follow the methods that I have described and you will definitely be on the right track towards correcting his inappropriate behavior.

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