Puppy Training Can Be A Fun And Bonding Experience!

>> 12/5/09

Perhaps one of the most important things that you will teach your new puppy is where his potty is - outdoors. Potty training should begin as soon as you have your puppy home. There will be accidents and many moments of frustration; however, you and your puppy can succeed at this necessary life lesson by following some tested and proven tips.

An actual potty spot should be chosen to be puppy's potty. In order to make the potty area more attractive in your yard, you can place potted plants or flowers around where your puppy goes to poop and pee. This will also probably help the dog to remember and easily recognize the location of his potty.

Teaching the command "outside" is very important. You should say this command loudly to your puppy whenever he pees or poops inside. Then you will have to pick him up and run outside with him to make him finish going potty in his puppy training area. Then you will praise him for actually going on the potty.

Puppy training on command will eventually be the result of your time and effort. Your command word must be maintained at all times. Inform friends and other family members of this word too.

Praise should be given every time your puppy asks to go outside and actually uses his potty. Tell your friends and family to be sure to praise him in these cases as well.

Keeping a diary if when your puppy eats, sleeps and potties can help you decide when the most average times are that he will need to poop or pee.

Punishment is something that should never be done when puppy training. You will only hurt your puppy; he may even become scared to use his potty outside. Many puppies will begin to eliminate inside when they are punished when puppy training. They may even attempt to hide the evidence, yet they will still keep reacting in this way.

Consistent, patient, and loving puppy training will make the process as smooth as possible. It is also likely to reduce the time needed to achieve success in the process. Praise can do wonders in helping the process as well. Your puppy will feel proud when he potties outside because he knows that it makes you proud too. He is doing something good for his mom or dad - getting a treat and extra love is a great reason to go outside to use the potty. Follow these tips and your puppy training and potty training will be successful and quick!

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