Training Your Dog to Retrieve with Dog Training Aids

>> 12/2/09

The art of persuasion is a good skill to develop when dog training. Your voice is the most important aspect of this skill. It's important to use your dog's name before each command, and to use a persuasive tone of voice. Keep your tone of voice low and pleasant, but also firm.

Speak to your dog all the time while you're engaged in dog training. Training your dog to retrieve may take some time, and dog training aids can come in useful for this purpose. A very light dumbbell is a good dog training aid to use when training your dog to retrieve. Again, use your voice to effect - immediately your dog takes the dumbbell, praise him repeatedly in a happy voice, and also pet him.

Always keep a happy tone with your dog when training. Becoming angry will never assist in your training efforts. It will only serve to confuse your dog and make him anxious.

Always remember that your dog is trying to please you. This is the case even when he is not following your commands. Your dog may not understand what you want of him. He is not being deliberately disobedient.

Once your dog understands what it is you're attempting to train him to do, he will be more than happy to repeat the action - probably over and over again. One thing you can be almost certain of is that you will get bored before your dog does!

For example, if your dog does not understand what you want him to do with the dumbbell that you have selected as your dog training aid, try gently placing the dumbbell in your dog's mouth and holding his jaws closed around it. Be careful not to graze your dog's teeth on the dumbbell.

Dog training sessions are a great opportunity for you to spend some quality time with your dog. Yes, dog training takes time and effort. It sometimes takes considerable patience. But always bear in mind that dog training should be a fun time for your and your dog.

Once your dog has become used to taking the dumbbell from your hand, he will probably want to perform this "trick" over and over, because he knows he is pleasing you.

Once your dog understands the taking of the dumbbell, you need to extend the reach of the item. Place the dumbbell on the ground in front of your dog and ask him to "Retrieve" or "Fetch". Then start moving the dumbbell further and further away from him. Your dog will soon get the idea.

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