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>> 12/6/09

It can be quite funny to see someone being pulled along by a strong dog on a leash. But, I bet it's not funny when you are the one being pulled. To stop your dog from pulling on the leash is really not that difficult to teach and it will only bring you closer to your dog.

The reason why dogs pull at their leash is quite simple really, they love chasing things and if they see a cat, then there is no stopping them. They also get very excited with the idea of actually walking with you and can't contain themselves and hence they walk fast.

Start training your dog at an early age as to avoid bad behavior when it's time for his walks. Use an all weather harness as these will not choke your dog when you train. It is advisable to always use a harness and not a collar and chain. It really does cause harm to the dog's throat.

Also start training your dog indoors and where there are very little distractions. Do not put a harness or leash on him yet as your aim here is to teach your dog to follow you. Place an object on the palm of your hand and show your dog what you have. Say the word "touch" and let him then try to touch the object with his nose. Hold your hand to your side while doing this. Walk away and let the dog follow you to touch the object again. He must never be in front of you. He must always follow you then touch the object. Give him a nice treat if he touches the object but is not in front of you.

You will obviously show a lot of patience with your dog as he is learning a completely new command and behavior - this takes some time. Remember to give him a treat and a hug every time he manages to touch the object but stays behind you.

Once he understands then you can start putting a harness on him and doing the same command indoors. This should go quickly. Gradually take him outside and let him practice in the garden. Monitor his behavior and if you are happy, then take him out onto the road or into a park. He should now know that when his harness is on he must walk next to you or behind you.

Whatever program you choose to stop your dog from pulling on the leash, you have to be consistent, patient and reward for correct behavior.

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Author Remco van Reenen is an expert on dogtraining and on his website positieve hondentraining you can find all sorts of tips. You can also get lots of accessories to make training your dog easy in the section puppytraining.

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