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>> 11/25/09

If you are considering bringing a new canine addition to your home, there are several things to consider. Having the right tools and the proper training will make the transition to a dog-owner family easier on you and your dog. While it is viable to trains dogs yourself, those who don't have experience working with dogs will be wise to invest in a dog training course.

If you hear stories of other dog owners who have failed, don't lose heart. Whether you have owned a dog that has run your house, or simply want to avoid it, dog training school is a necessity. Dogs don't misbehave because they are not good, but lack of training can result in poor behaviors. By sending your dog through a training program, you are doing your part to ensure a happy relationship.

What are the biggest reasons to use a dog training program instead of trying it yourself?

Often, pet owners get caught in a power struggle with their dog. Learning the right body language, tone of voice, and reward system for your dog are essential to keep you in control. Owning a dog is like being a parent, and some well given advise can save the day.

Dog obedience school provides young puppies and fully grown dogs the opportunity to socialize. Learning to interact with other canines is an important skill when you take your dog out. By going through a dog obedience course, owners will develop friendships for themselves and their dogs.

Owners who take a class with their dogs with a formal setting will be learning commands in the ultimate environment. Here, the instructor knows how to teach the owner to "speak dog" and use body language that will get the appropriate responses. Often times there are simple things that work well with dogs that the general public might not know. Having an instructor handy will give them the opportunity to watch how well you work with your dog, and to give you pointers to correct things.

When working in a class setting, your dog will have the advantage of learning with distractions. This is an advantage, since once the dog goes home where there are not the distractions, the skill set should transfer easily. This works better than adding distractions after a skill is learned, where the distraction will actually make the dog forgetful.

Putting your dog through obedience school is the beginning of a long and satisfying relationship. Having a dog that is well trained results in one that is more secure, confident and well behaved. Trusting its owner and his expectations will result in consistent behavior. Dogs that have gone through obedience school are also safer around children and visitors, and it also prevents undesirable behaviors.

Once your dog is well trained, enjoy the benefits of pet ownership. Owning a dog will reduce your risks of illness, and provides a great outlet for exercise and social interaction as well. That will benefit you and your dog!

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