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>> 11/29/09

This is such a common problem and sometimes quite entertaining, especially if you see a youngster being pulled along by a strong dog. Or even a grown up being pulled for that matter. But you love walking your dog and it's really not a joke if he won't listen to your commands. To stop your dog from pulling on the leash you need to know a few tricks.

Why they pull on their leashes is because they actually can walk faster than we can and they just can't wait up. There basic instinct kicks in to chase when they see other animals or pick up strong scents. It's natural and we have to just work around it.

Naturally it's best to start with your training when he's still a puppy, but if this is not possible you can teach an old dog new tricks. A word of advise, it's better for the dog's health if you don't use a choke collar. They are known to cause damage to the throat and vocal cords.

Also start training your dog indoors and where there are very little distractions. Do not put a harness or leash on him yet as your aim here is to teach your dog to follow you. Place an object on the palm of your hand and show your dog what you have. Say the word "touch" and let him then try to touch the object with his nose. Hold your hand to your side while doing this. Walk away and let the dog follow you to touch the object again. He must never be in front of you. He must always follow you then touch the object. Give him a nice treat if he touches the object but is not in front of you.

You will obviously show a lot of patience with your dog as he is learning a completely new command and behavior - this takes some time. Remember to give him a treat and a hug every time he manages to touch the object but stays behind you.

If you are happy that he can now follow you on command, then put a harness on him and let him follow you and touching the object again. He now needs to get used to the harness while following your command. Gradually take him outdoors into the garden and keep on practicing. Once he is used to the harness, clip on the leash and now he has to follow you, touch the object and stay behind or next to all the time. Give him a treat intermittently. He will soon realize what you want and will then happily walk with you in the garden. You are now ready to take him on a walk outside of your yard.

When he is ready take him out of your yard and onto the sidewalk or to a park. If he still needs some more training then you can do this there as well. To stop your dog from pulling on the leash is easy and there will be no more running after your dog, as he will now be well trained and an envy for other dog walkers.

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