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>> 11/2/09

Dogs are the greatest pet friends one could ever have. They are adorable and loyal and they make good company. But if your dog bites, then you have got a big problem. Dog biting can be annoying, destructive, and even dangerous, especially for children in your household and your neighbors. It is therefore important to remember some pointers and tips on how to stop dog biting.

Prevention is better than cure, as they say, so it is best to control the bad behavior at a very early age. Biting is natural for puppies. It is how they play, explore their surroundings, and socialize with people. But if owners teach puppies not to bite aggressively early on, they can easily learn to break the habit and be well-behaved dogs when they grow up.

Another of the most effective methods on how to stop dog biting is to make available special toys for for dogs. Biting is a natural instinct to canines so you could not get rid of the habit entirely. However, what pet owners can do is to help their pets channel their urge to bite on things on the "proper" objects like toys. If your puppy starts biting, even if in a playful manner, express how it hurt you by saying "ouch." Say it in a high-pitched voice so the young dog could better remember . It would also help if you do not encourage games that involve biting, such as tug of war.

Do not resort to physical punishment if you are looking for effective ways on how to stop dog biting. The most important thing to remember when trying to teach your dog a lesson is to develop a relationship of mutual trust with your pet. Pet owners need to be firm and consistent without instilling a life-long sense of fear in the animals.

So if your dog or puppy bites, scold it verbally then ignore it for some minutes to show your displeasure. Doing this repeatedly each time your pet tries to bite will give them the idea that you will not allow the behavior. Ignoring your pet makes an impression on them because dogs naturally crave for attention. Share these methods on how to stop dog biting to all members of the family so that the dog will not get confused in his training. Tell your children never to allow puppies to bite their fingers.

If your dog is already an adult and you are interested to learn about ways on how to stop dog biting you can start by buying it a muzzle for safety the safety of other people. Additional training time and determination are necessary. Yell in a low and guttural voice when your dog tries to nip or bite you. Then chase it around, pretending like you are monster. Dogs do not handle fearful situations well . But most importantly, you can prevent the habit of biting in your pet by allowing it to undergo obedience training.

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