The Friendly And Easy To Train Brindle Boxer

>> 11/2/09

Almost every household seems to have at least one dog as their pet. There could be a valid reason why people say that man’s best friend is a dog. No matter how stressed out you are after a hard day’s work, a dog can be like a stress reliever, wagging its tail and showing how eager they are to see you. If you are interested in getting a dog for your child or simply for the whole family, Boxer dogs can be a good option to look upon. Before you actually buy one, it is better to do some research on the dog. Brindle boxers are rather famous among many dog lovers, so we will focus more on them.

When talking about Boxer dogs in general, their colors vary from fawn, red, white to brindles. The color fawn comes with different tones of color ranging from light tan to yellow. In addition, their colors could also vary between a reddish tan and mahogany.

Brindle boxers are way ahead from their fellow boxers. These dogs are named brindle boxers because of their stripy appearance. Their black stripes usually come on a fawn background. Some brindle boxers come with the appearance that many people refer to as a ‘reverse brindle’. This means that instead of black stripes, they have fawn stripes on a black background.

Brindle boxers are very friendly and easy to train from an early age. If you are already an owner of several pets, these brindle boxers could be trained to interact with the other pets in a way where everyone can live peacefully and in a friendly manner. Families love them as they are known to be affectionate, playful as well as loyal.

The intelligence level of brindle boxers is quite high and therefore could be trained easily. They can sometimes act mischievously. If this happens, you could always use positive reinforcement as they tend to obey orders when done positively.

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