Labrador Training Techniques

>> 11/22/09

Labradors are one of the easiest dogs to train. They all have a massive desire to please people. The simple commands such as Sit and down are easy to master and can take only a few minutes for you to start seeing the results in your dog. The basics have to be mastered first before you can tackle the more complex tricks like beg and kisses. Which makes sense really when you think about it? We all want a perfectly behaved dog when we are out in public. You must continue to have patience with all your Labradors training. They love to be trained and over time you can have your Labrador performing some really fantastic stuff.

Labradors don't normally suffer from being scared of loud noises such as a door slamming or fireworks but occasionally they are. It is possible to train you Labrador to not be scared of these sounds. This can be done with several procedures or techniques but the most common is playing a tape of the sounds over and over again in the same room as the dog. Gradually increasing the sound over a period of time will desensitise your Labrador to the noises it was once scared of. Socialising you Labrador from a very early age can help to prevent these anxieties in its later life.

Labrador problems are generally not a major concern for pet owners and with timely Labrador training you can easily ensure that your pet behaves in an appropriate manner at all times.

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