3 Easy Dog Tricks to Teach Your New Dog

>> 2/13/09

Before you embark on a mission to teach your dog tricks, you will need to lay in a large supply of dog treats. Aside from the dog treats you will need a quiet place to train. Remember to keep the sessions short (no more than 15 to 20 minutes) and entertaining. Make it fun for both of you. When your dog gets something right, make sure to praise him lavishly and reward him with a treat.

Give me your paw. First make your dog sit. As you say give me your paw, grab your dogs paw into your hand. Praise him and give him a treat. Repeat this process a few times. After each time wait a little longer to grab your dog's paw. You should notice that your dog is bringing up his paw as you are saying the word paw. Dogs pick this up rather quickly. After a few sessions he should have it down pat.

The high five. Like many dog tricks the high five is a succession of a trick learned earlier(such as the paw trick). Grasp a dog treat in your hand and slowly raise you hand somewhat higher than in the give me your paw trick. Your dog will respond in the same manner as with the paw trick. As he extends his paw upwards say "high five" then praise him and give 'em a treat. After mastering the give me your paw trick, this one will be a breeze for him to learn. After a few times he will give you a high five with just a hand gesture rather than with your voice and a treat.

Training your dog to jump through a hoop. When you start training your dog to do this one, be careful not to hold the hoop too high (about 6" ) so your dog doesn't injure himself. Here we go...Face your dog, with the hoop above the ground in front of him--while he is in the seated position. Next, while holding a treat with the other hand get your dog's attention (Your dog must be disciplined enough to stay seated during this process.) Once you are in position, give your dog the "o.k." to pursue the treat. At first he will probably try to go under or around the hoop. If he does, start again. Do not give him the treat. The dog wants the treat so he will learn that the only way to get it is by going through the hoop. When he does go through the hoop, say "HOOP." After a few training sessions your dog should be able to perform each of these dog tricks on command. Enjoy!

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