How to Get Your Dog to Sit

>> 2/10/09

"Learn to command your dog into a sitting position. Do not use your hands to press down on your dog's spine!"

"When you say sit, your dog should immediately move into a sitting position. Take a hold of your dog's collar with one hand and with the other hand or arm depending on the size of your dog, scoop in an upward motion behind the back legs of your dog. This will move your dog into the sit position. Say the sit command while you are doing the motion. As soon as your dog is in the sit position. Use your verbal praise, you can also do tactile or food treats. I prefer the scoop technique because it's a more gentle and effective way to get your dog into the sit position. The dog is unable to offer resistance, which is helpful when you have a dominant or particularly boisterous dog. This is a great command when you want your dog to sit by your side or just sit in one spot for a while..."

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