A Dog Training - What Does Damage and What Helps

>> 2/9/09

You have a new addition to the family, and you want to know what is the best route to take when dog training . Obviously, you want the dog to listen to what you ask of him, but you also want your dog to know how to handle himself around the house without your constant commanding and overseeing. Proper dog training is important for you to learn and for your dog to undergo. Otherwise you may end up wasting time and ruining the relationship you and your dog have. Building that relationship is just as important when training your dog.

Dog training isn’t easy. You have to first be positive, reinforcing and rewarding all the good things you want your dog to do. Praising your dog when they do something you want is important, but make sure you both have fun at the same time. Bring firm and friendly is also important, because you need to show your dog that you are in control. A deeper, sterner command should be made when you want your dog to stay, but a happier tone can be used if you want the dog to come. Instilling positive emotions is important but letting the dog know authority is also important.

A dog training technique you may feel is good but is frowned upon is punishment. Sometimes the urge to put your dog’s nose in his mess when he had an accident is strong, but all that will do is show your dog fear. Negative reinforcement doesn’t train your dog to listen. Patience is key, and sometimes when your dog does have an accident or barks when you ask him not to, it can wear thin. But being there for your dog and learning and expressing patience is as important to training the dog as teaching him commands.

For aggressive dogs, you will find that dog training is important. Sometimes it will be tough, and the more aggressive the dog the more difficulty you may encounter. The end result will, however, be beneficial to you and your dog when the relationship is strong and he listens to your commands. Controlling that anger or keeping your dog from acting out is key, and proper dog training can bring out the best in both of you. Check out our website for Daniel Stevens’ book,Secrets to Dog Training, to learn the secrets of taking your new dog and making him feel like home while building a loving relationship at home. To learn more visit www.K9stayfetch.com

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