Dog Training Techniques - Earn Your Pet's Trust

>> 2/17/09

When you try to housebreak your dog or control their aggressive traits, you need to consider different dog training techniques. Breaking the dog’s will down to do what is asked of it is one thing, but doing it in a way where the dog responds properly, lovingly, and understands that you are doing what you can as the owner to teach it how to act around others and not to abuse it is a difficult task. Picking the right technique is important for both you and your dog in order to have the best growth experience.

Some dog training techniques involve teaching your pet commands. This can prove to be vital in order for you to be able to communicate with your dog. There may be a problem though, perhaps your dog is old and already has other commands he acknowledges, or there is a communication problem between you and the dog. He may simply not know what you want of him, because you aren’t expressing it properly or he simply doesn’t know what you’re asking of him. Overcoming those issues is key, because without communication you cannot train the dog how to obey your commands and expect them to respond accordingly.

Other dog training techniques involve trust. You must show your dog there is trust in your relationship, and that it is an important part of your life. However, you must command the same trust in return, and having your dog express that is important. Doing what you ask simply because he is afraid of you is not the right way to treat your dog, nor is abusing him because he isn’t applying the commands you expect him to or learning the training you are trying to teach him. Trusting each other is important; otherwise you will only be teaching him fear.

A lot of different dog training techniques work together. If you can command respect from your dog and he understands that you want him to stop growling at the neighbor when he goes to get the mail, then you can also train your dog how to be potty trained, when to accept it is time to go for a walk, and how to act in public. Daniel Stevens’ book, Secrets to Dog Training, can show you the best way to train your dog and understand all these issues. Check out our website and see for yourself so you can understand your dog best.Visit to learn more.

Dog Training Techniques - Earn Your Pet's Trust by RONALD STEVENS

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