Introducing Your Dog To A Remote Training Collar

>> 2/2/09

Introducing your k9 to a training collar necessitates patience, time and perseverance in order to be successful. You should also acquaint yourself with relevant information on how this electronic training device works. Take note that different remote training collar designs have different levels of stimulation such as low, medium and high, and each of them is intended for specific dog breeds, ages and sizes.

Among the primary benefits of using a remote trainer in dog training is that you’ll be able to send immediate signals to your dog even from a distance to tackle his unwanted behaviors such as nuisance barking, jumping, chewing and many others. Electronic bark control collar, in particular, can be programmed to release harmless vibration to deter a dog from excessive barking.

Below are some simple tips to help you in introducing the remote training collar to your dog:

Before anything else, make sure that the collar perfect fits around your dog’s neck. Don’t choose a product that’s too loose or tight. It should not rub against your dog’s skin for it can cause irritation and discomfort.

The method of putting an electronic training collar is almost the same with that of regular nylon collar. The only difference is that it has a receiver which needs to be placed securely under the neck of your dog. This is the electronic component responsible for delivering a sensation to your dog. If you fail to place it against your dog’s skin, the training will never be successful.

When you introduce your dog to a training collar for the very first time, introduce him with the lowest level of stimulation, regardless of his size or breed. You will know if that’s the lowest intensity if your dog responds to it without even barking. If your dog barks loudly, that indicates that you’re using a high level of electronic stimulation.

Don’t rush things in order to prevent trauma or undesirable shock. It takes time before your dog eventually gets used to wearing the remote trainer collar. To determine your dog’s level, start with the lowest one. Press the continuous button while closely observing your pet. By this time, you should be looking into the involuntary twitch in his neck. If you see this reaction, this means that your dog feels the stimulation you’re giving him.

After establishing your dog’s training level, it’s time to reinforce commands and training methods. Just because you’re using an electronic collar doesn’t necessarily mean that you can automatically train your dog. Bear in mind that the primary function of such a training device is to allow your canine to associate the stimulation when he fails to obey your command. Never transmit an undesirable sensation to your dog unless he behaves badly or fails to follow his master.

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The author is a dog trainer connected to a company that provides safe training collar devices at affordable prices. Find the most effective and advanced bark collars and other bark control collar systems carefully designed for all dogs.

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