5 Phases to Crate Train for Dog Behavior Modification

>> 2/12/09

Crate training a pet is inherent for dog behavior modification ...So, you must first appreciate the function of the crate. The purpose of the crate IS NOT for discipline. If you suitably crate train a pet, he will feel it as his "sanctuary" and will be happy to spend time there when required.

1. The first item you want to do when you crate train a pet is set the crate in an area of your home where the family spends a lot of time, such as the living room. Make sure you put a cozy blanket or towel in the crate.

2. Afterward, guide your dog beside the crate and speak to him in a joyful tone of voice. Make sure the door to the crate is accessible. For dog behavior modification, encourage your dog to enter the crate with food snacks near it and right inside the crate (around the door) and lastly all the way inside the crate. Do not strong arm your dog inside the crate. If he doesn't desire to go...it is okay. Continue to throw treats inside the crate until the dog walks calmly completely in to the crate to get the goodies. If food doesn't do the job, try using a cherished toy. Utilize your body to close the opening, after your dog goes in the crate.

3. Repeat number 2, instead of obstructing the door with your body, fasten the door to the crate.

4. Fix a appetizing chew toy (by filling it with peanut butter or cream cheese), escort your pet into the crate. While he is in the crate, supply him the chew toy and shut the door. While your pet is absorbed in chewing, get up and ramble around the house, occasionally going outside. Release your pet from the crate before he finishes chewing (or before he wakes if he's been dozing off) but just if he is unexcited.

5. Praise your pet once he is in the crate, but don't applaud him as he is coming out of his crate. This teaches him that being in the crate is favorable and pleasant, while coming out is indistinguishable. Also, don't make a huge display while showing him in or fetching him out, thus he will identify it as no huge deal.

Dog behavior modification originates with you, the loyal pet owner. Crate training is just one stage of thousands to keep your dog happy and healthy.

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M.B. Bryce has owned dogs for over three decades. They are a firm believer in obedient dogs and support a positive method to training. Stop by 5 Easy Steps to Crate Training for your FREE 6 day MINI COURSE on Dog Behavior Modification.

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