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>> 2/20/09

If you're like most people, while growing up, your pets were a combination of your best friend and wild beast. Now that you're a little older and are looking to get your own kids their first pet you want to make sure you have a more civilized creature. The couch getting chewed up isn't quite as funny anymore, now that you know how much it cost. To help protect both your sanity and your home you should look into a good dog training course. There are all kinds of courses available, but how do you know you will get your money's worth?

Ignore the people who try to tell you that a dog doesn't need training. Chances are if they even have pets, the animals have dominion over the home. You have to think about your children's safety. And trained dogs are typically less likely to last out than untrained ones. Besides, what fun are you, or the kids, going to have walking a dog that wants to pull you all over the place. You chose a dog because you wanted a fun companion for the kids, not a weapon of home destruction.

What's your learning style? Do you learn best by reading, by seeing something done or through verbal instructions? Knowing the answer to this question will help you to narrow down your search considerably and make the process easier for you and the animal. If you are uncomfortable your dog WILL pick up on this, delaying the process.

Having discovered the best way for you to learn, it's time to research your options. You can go back to the place that sold you your dog for ideas, especially if you went through a dog breeder, because they typically have gained a lot of experience through entering dog shows. Consider researching online for dog training courses as well.

Your local humane society is a trove of hidden knowledge. The staff here does not work with prized animals. They have gained experience in the trenches dealing with the worst of the worst. Utilize their expertise to turn your beast into a bundle of fun. Many animal shelters also offer obedience training at a lower-than-average cost.

You should frequent dog parks for ideas. Watch how the owners interact with their companions and when you find a well behaved dog approach the owner. This way, you have already seen the end results before vesting anytime in hearing what they have to say.

Ultimately, you may even opt for a home-based dog training course. This will allow you to train your puppy in an environment that is already comfortable and familiar for both of you. Many professional dog trainers have begun to market video-based courses as well as books.

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