Dog Barking: How to Stop a Dog Barking Using Entertainment

>> 10/14/09

An understanding of the causes can help you stop your dog barking problems, because when you know the causes, you can formulate a strategy to combat them.

Most dogs bark. Barking at people or animals can be a natural reaction. Your dog may bark two or three times, or for several minutes, but he stops barking when the thing he's barking at stops or goes away. This sort of barking can be resolved with training.

This is a very natural part of a dog's behavior. Certain instincts are very difficult to overcome through training, but this one can be sorted.

You see, your dog's barking is due to his instinct to protect and defend a territory. But his instincts can be reasoned with in this case, because they also tell him that the territory isn't his so much as it is yours. Once he completely understands that it's not his job to be territorial, he'll be glad to give up the responsibility.

Your goal shouldn't be a complete elimination of barking, because his instincts will rebel at that point. It's okay for your dog to announce something by barking a couple. He's just trying to get your attention. However, if barking has become excessive, or if your dog is becoming too aggressive, it's time to step up your training routine.

Do this by teaching him a new command: the command to 'quiet.' This doesn't mean for him to never bark; it means simply for him to stop barking when you say it. This will relieve your stress, and eventually solve the barking problem.

There are three things you will need for this training. First off, his favorite treats for reward,but don't let him see them at first. Secondly a diversion that will create some quiet in him for a while,but not something that frightens him. Finally get a friend to play knocking at your door

Once you have your treats and your distraction method prepared, your friend should knock. After one or two barks, use your diversion. A spray bottle can work perfectly for this,squirt his face with a little water. When he turns to look at you, surprised (and quiet), say "Quiet." Then have a treat ready to give him. Just be sure to reward him with the treat before he can start barking again.

Your friend should then come in and praise your dog. Ultimately he'll accept that when you say it's okay, it really is okay. He doesn't need to keep barking, and his master has a handle on the situation.

Eventually and with practice your dog will begin to understand that he should not bark more than a couple of times.

There are some barking situations where the dog barking continues for no reason. In these circumstances, there may be some underlying causes and you should research and have a look at the many online dog training guides available. Don't punish your dog,it will only make it worse.

There are any number of behavioral issues,but if you understand the underlying causes, you have a good chance of addressing them with the correct form of training.

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