Socialization Training for Puppies

>> 10/30/09

There are several aspects of training when it comes to owning a dog or a puppy. You of the most important training steps you should undertake is socialization. There are two parts to socialization training: first you have to socialize the dog to be around other pets, second you have to make sure they are friendly around strangers. If you forgo socialization training for your dog you are setting yourself up for a difficult road. Dogs that have not been socialized properly may be aggressive towards strangers and other pets. In most cases around strangers they will be shy and hide in your home. So what does socialization training include?

Socialization is allowing your dog to be around other humans and pets. We will first look at the human side of things. To socialize your dog properly for human interaction you should teach the dog commands for how to sit, stay, and to recognize your voice. The best training is often just talking to your dog. This allows them to realize your voice. They will be able to distinguish your nuances for those of others. They will also be able to learn your smell, which can help them feel more comfortable in a social situation. You also want to train them on how to let a human approach. Many individuals just walk up and want to pet your dog, and do so without asking. This can be dangerous if the dog hasn’t been socialized. It is best to teach the dog to sit and stay while allowing a human to pet them. The more contact they have with different humans the more they will be attuned to allowing friends to get close. As a guard dog you may not want to overly work the socialization with humans. It will of course depend on the reason you have the pet. It is best if they are always wary of strangers, but understand that aggression is not warranted.

For socialization with other pets you have two choices in training. First you can go to a training school where there will be other dogs. In these instances the dog gets to be in an environment with dogs working as they are. They can also feel a little more secure with the handlers being right there, and knowing they are there for work. Socialization with other pets is often letting the dogs meet one another and analyze the situation. For most dog breeds it is easier to socialize them with other dogs rather than other pets. You can also go to a dog park and allow other dogs to play while you sit around and watch them. You can of course interact if you feel the need.

This article has been written by Gerry Ronson for dog accessories. Gerry lives and works in the United Kingdom selling dog collars. He has been working with animals for most of his life and now enjoys writing about them.

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