Using Dog Crates To Reign In Puppy Power

>> 10/1/09

Puppies are among the most lovable animals on the planet with their soft fur, short wagging tails, and those adorable puppy dog eyes. Any family who takes in one of these enchanting creatures knows that the amount of joy they bring comes with an equal amount of responsibility, and a small amount of terror. While there are numerous resources for training a new puppy, there are very few for how to handle it in the interim.

The first thing to focus on is what to do with the puppy while the family is asleep or out for the day. Very few people are willing to allow the puppy to roam free during this time as they are not house trained and they enjoy chewing on everything they can get their mouths on. Instead, many have opted to lock the puppy inside the bathroom, but this can lead to its own mess, and separates the dog from any other animals, as well as the main rooms it will be living in.

As an alternative, the use of dog crates allows the puppy to stay in the living room, kitchen, or other main room so that it can become accustomed to its surroundings and any other animals that may be in the house. This will make introductions easier later on, but the use of a crate comes with a few small caveats. The first and foremost being the use of a crate as the puppies only home.

Dogs are naturally pack animals, as such, dog health is directly related to the interaction a dog has with its family. If a dog is left in a cage, bathroom, or any other enclosed space without any interaction, it will become ill and may eventually die. Due to this, any use of an enclosed space must be limited to the period of time that the family is away; as soon as a member of the family returns, the puppy should be removed from the enclosed space and either trained or played with.

Secondly, the purchase of a dog crate should allow plenty of room for the puppy to roam around and grow into. Without this additional space, the puppy may become lethargic and loose muscle mass, a very dangerous situation for the dog's health. Loyal dogs are created by loved puppies that understand discipline and have a keen sense of pack (family) and home.

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Ralph Smith has been an avid dog lover for most of his life, and has recently decided to pursue his passion in animal care with a focus on dog health. While Mr. Smith advocates the use of dog crates to assist in the training and control of puppies and dogs, he would like to reinforce the understanding that dog crates should not be the only home the puppy knows, but rather a method to help control the temperament of the young dog. For information regarding the upbringing of puppies, or products that can assist in caring for those four-legged family members, call 1-800-367-3647.

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