Obedience Training Your New Dog Is An Essential First Step to Establishing Dominance

>> 10/27/09

Although dogs are domestic animals, yet their behavior get be wild and unpredictable at times. There are instances when dogs tear apart their dog beds, turn the house into a mess and do similar things that are pretty destructive in nature. Dog obedience training teaches your dog to obey orders and keeps his wild side under control. Dog obedience training is very essential if you do not want to have unpleasant experiences of biting and tearing being carried out by your dog. Dog obedience training therefore, is very important for the well being of your dog and those around you.

If you are upset over your dog’s shredding your clothes to bits and pieces and his pooping or peeing all around your place, its time to get into the action and start training him. Make sure that the training process is innovative and fun for both you and your dog. If either of you gets bored along the line, try changing the routine in order to get the most out of the whole process. As the first step, you should train your dog to obey the basic commands at least. Commands such as ‘sit, ‘stand’, ‘go’ and ‘stop’ should be easily comprehendible by your dog. Your dog should obey these orders no matter what, and you should proceed on with your training only after you are sure that your dog is thorough with these basic commands.

There are various ways in which professionals train dogs for obedience, but two of the most popular ones are leash/collar training and rewards training. Leash training is harsher and is suited to more aggressive dogs, whereas reward training is an incentive based training wherein your dog is given an incentive or reward for doing what was desired out of him under the given circumstances.

Incentive based training is always the better approach, as it is less intensive on the dog’s physique and is less expensive as compared to leash/collar training. It saves time and money and is therefore a better training technique; provided your dog actually recognizes that he is being rewarded for doing the right thing. Rewarding your dog constantly is very important. More important than rewarding the dog is to reward him for doing the right thing. The dog should understand that he is being rewarded and he should be rewarded time and again for doing the correct thing. Regular and short training sessions are better and compared to longer and less frequent ones as dog memory is quite short loved, and he needs to be reminded constantly of the right habits until the dog starts performing the right habits instinctively.

Basically, the main reason behind obedience training is not to curb a dog’s natural wild instincts, but it is to direct a dog’s natural behavior to other domestically acceptable vents.The dog might vent his wild side on to a wooden piece or a piece of paper, rather than shredding your expensive clothes to pieces. Therefore, it is important that your dog is more aware of what NOT to do and this would be the start of a successful dog obedience training program.

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