Training Aggressive Dogs - Tips In Correcting Your Dog's Behavior

>> 10/5/09

Dog training is one of your big responsibilities of being a pet owner. Indeed, the task can be a challenge but it can be more challenging if you are dealing with aggressive pets. Training aggressive dogs can be challenging but it can be done.

Dogs can be naturally aggressive and correcting these behaviors is important to avoid them dominating you. Although there are professional dog trainers who can help you with this problem, it is not however impossible to train your dog on your own.

If you want to start correcting the aggressive behavior of your dog, here are some tips that you can start with that will help you in training aggressive dogs.

- Make sure you spay or neuter your pet dog. Spaying or neutering is one way to correct the natural aggressiveness of dogs especially when they are in heat. To avoid this problem and to spare your neighbors from this aggressive behavior of your pets especially during mating, have your pet spayed or neutered.

- Dogs can be territorial, and they have a natural behavior of marking their territories and become aggressive to other animals as well as to people when they feel this territory is compromised. Moreover, this aggressiveness can also be corrected with proper training. Proper obedience training as well as training your dog to protection work can be beneficial in overcoming this type of aggression. In training aggressive dogs, you must establish that you are the leader and make sure that your dog follows your commands and yield to your authority, though this must also be done with gentle authority.

- Expose your dogs to other dogs and to people. Socializing your dog will help her adjust and be used to being around with people and other dogs. Walking your dog to the park can be a good way to expose them and to exercise them as well. This is best done when they are still puppies. However, if you are dealing with adult dogs that have aggressive behavior, you should be careful in bringing them to parks and exposing them to people. Make sure you can control her before taking her out for a walk.

- Spend more time touching your dog. This will help her get used to being handled, but make sure also to touch her gently without making her feel threatened.

- Reward your dog when she follows orders. This is one basic rule not only in training aggressive dogs but in training any dog. However, when giving rewards, make sure too that you are not overdoing it. When she misbehaves, do not punish nor hurt her. Hurting your pet can also lead her to be more aggressive.

Before you start training aggressive dogs, it is helpful to determine the reasons for her aggressiveness. At times, aggressive behavior in animals may mean underlying medical problems, so it is wise to visit a veterinarian to help you determine any underlying causes.

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