Dog Training Tips: Your Dog Jumps on You- How to Fix it Fast! (2 Secrets - 2 Solutions)

>> 10/17/09

Granny gets invited to your house. When she comes in, your dog happily jumps up on her, causing her head to good crack against the wall. Hey, Grandma, be more careful!

An extreme example? Maybe. How about this:

You've made arrangements to meet friends at your favourite restaurant. You're out with your dog for a speedy walk, so that she can do her duty. Tramping through a mud puddle, she decides to jump up on you getting mud all over your pants. Grrr! Will changing pants make you late?

Hazardous for Grandma? Sure. Annoying for you and your guests? Yes. Is your dog a jumper upper?

It's a problem that has some easy solutions.

Here are some answers.


The main reason that dogs leap up is their excitement. When you get home, your dog is so happy to see you that he leaps on you to greet you. This is not the best way for them to express this, and you can make that clear. Although your dog is excited to see you and wants attention, when he jumps on you, don't give it to him.

When you give your dog positive or negative attention, you're showing him that his behaviour is OK. A few simple yet highly effective methods are available to change the way your dog acts.


Turn your back on your dog when she jumps on you, or is about to. She believes that jumping on you is the best way to get your attention. Don't make eye contact, and completely ignore her, and her behaviour until she settles down. Praise and pet her when she stops jumping on you.This will help her remember the behaviour that you want from her.


Or instead of turning away, you can give your dog something else to do when they jump up. For instance, commanding them to Sit is a good way to encourage a different behaviour. Be sure to lavish your dog with praise and attention when they complete a command successfully. Soon, your dog will make the association that lunging on you gets them nothing, while sitting gets them plenty of enjoyable attention.

When your dog jumps up on you, is it just annoying? It can become dangerous if your pet jumps on the elderly or children. It's best to train your dog to keep everyone safe.


* Dogs jump up on you because they love you, and are excited to see you

* By giving them give positive or negative attention, you reinforce their behaviour


* Show your back to her when she jumps up

* Give a command: Sit, Go to your place

Remember, everyone loves a courteous dog.

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