Basic Dog Training Tips

>> 4/26/09

The most important thing when we turn on the subject of dog training is to be consistent in all you do. The basics on dog training methods are simple enough for all dog owners to pay attention to. Dog training has the objection to educate your dog to be capable to communicate and respond to you and your instructions.

As said before, the success of your dog's training depends on how consistent you are with your instructions and the way you give them. Dogs learn by example and experience. You can train your dog effectively by giving clear recurring instructions and exclaim the desired action commands each time and placing the focus on the reaction you want from your dog and award the dog for good and correct behavior.

The way you act and the attitude you present towards the dog during training sessions will have a significant impact on the way the dog will act out towards you. Negative and destructive behavior from your side will only be detrimental to the whole process. However, a friendly but firm approach will encourage the animal to react positively towards you and the training.

The intonation of your voice must serve to signal your satisfaction or dissatisfaction towards the dog's conduct. A firm tone of voice will indicate wrong or unacceptable conduct and when you talk excitedly in a pleasant tone will create the impression that he conducted himself well and in a right way.

A short training session filled with fun and some kind of challenge with short and precise actions are most likely to keep the dog's interest, which will in return execute your commands in an approving way.

While in the training process, reward your dog for his obedience to your commands. Rewards can take on the form of nibbles or chunks of treats or even play.

It is essential to conclude every training session in an encouraging way and to make your dog aware of your approval and satisfaction. This way the dog will make a pleasant resemblance to the training and are encouraged to act out in a positive and well-behaved manner.

Basic Dog Training Tips by Donald T. Mihajlov

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Donald Mihajlov is the author of 'How to Train Your Dog Or Puppy' and President of Dog Cages Usa. For other free resources on taking care of your dog, go to Dog Training Resources.

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paulinebro April 27, 2009 at 7:46 AM  

Training a dog need so much time as well as it fits along with your own lifestyle so you both enjoy each others company. This is one of the tips a trainer should remember.


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