Smart Ways to Teach the Basics to Your Dog

>> 4/30/09

Everyone needs to train their dog, that's a fact. But there are some smart ways to train the basics to your dog and some methods that are not so good. Our aim is to try and show you some of the better ways, which we hope will enhance the experience for both you and your dog.

The first thing you must remember is that you are the boss. Dogs are pack animals by nature and will adhere to the 'leader' of that pack. To train your dog properly, you first need to establish that you are the leader early in your relationship.

Naturally some breeds of dog are more aggressive in their desire to be the leader themselves, other dogs are not so forceful. Nonetheless you must demonstrate that you are the leader and in control. Your dog will test that control absolutely. He will try to push your willpower in this manner. There is no reason to be physically abusive to your dog in order to get control, it's accomplished by your actions and your will must be stronger than your dog's.

Training a young dog is akin to a child. You must be consistent at all times. Today, if you say no, then tomorrow you mean no and so on. Try to set a timetable and a specific time each day for training. Your dog will come to expect it and look forward to it.

An excellent place to begin teaching the basics is with the basic command to sit. Fairly easy to teach and a nice easy way for your dog to be taught control. Sit is also a useful command, it always feels good when one single word brings your dog to a stop and he 'sits'

When teaching your dog commands use the same word for each command, for instance if you start off with 'sit', don't change it to 'sit down' after a few lessons. Positive reinforcement is necessary when your dog does as you command. He is looking to please you so don't disappoint him, when he does something right always be sure to praise. Do not get angry and shout because you will confuse and scare him.

At first, try working on training every day. As your dog starts to learn more commands, you can take a day off here and there but training should always be a part of your relationship with your dog.

Going through dog training basics with your dog will take consistency, persistence, and a lot of patience. Your efforts will be rewarded when you have a well behaved dog who has a stronger bond with you.

Smart Ways to Teach the Basics to Your Dog by Brad Davenport

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Anita May 4, 2009 at 2:17 PM  

This is a subject I find very interesting. Having a dog and knowing what he is capable of learning is amazing and from reading this post I am learning more everyday on different ways to train your pet.


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