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>> 4/1/09

You might own your dog, but does it often feel that you're the dogs pet instead of his master? Many pet owners face this issue. You cant even relax in your home, because if you displace the dog from his favorite chair, sofa, or side of the bed, you'll receive a growl from mans best friend.

If your dog makes you feel helpless because of disobeying you then you need some first rate dog training tips and this is the right path to take to make the relationship between you and your dog more rewarding.

The difficulty of this task will be determined by the breed of your dog. Some dogs, having been breed for hunting or guarding, are very difficult to train. This having been said, however, any dog is trainable and they will, with patience, obey your commands. A dog will only defy your commands if he is allowed to do so.

If you tolerate your dogs dominance over a certain area of the house, or allow him to control household members by means of his behavior, you are essentially condoning that behavior and allowing your dog to be the dominant one. Dogs, which are pack animals, recognize their hierarchical place within their pack or household. In every pack, there must be a leader or an alpha dog.

Unless you establish that you are the alpha dog within your household pack, your dog will take that role for himself. When you train your dog, emphasis your position as leader of the pack by exuding confidence in both energy and posture. This demonstrates that you are in control and your dog will recognize the fact.

Remember, even when you become impatient that firm isn't aggressive and angry. All you need is some simple yet consistent dog training tips to make the bond between your dog and yourself much more enjoyable for not only you but the dog too. Even though some of the tips might not be in your nature you have to let the dog know that you are his boss. The first thing is too control your tone of voice when giving a command.

When you start the training process the first thing to remember is to keep a firm (again not angry) tone of voice and keep your voice in the neutral range. Make sure your not yelling and on the other end of the spectrum make sure your not using your "baby" voice either. This lets the dog know that you are the "Alpha" and not vice versa. The dog should follow your lead meaning you do something first and then he follows you.

When entering your house or leaving your house or walking between parked cars, you should always proceed first and your dog must follow. Eating is another activity you can use to establish your dominance. Eat first and then feed your pet. Even play time should be started by you and not your dog. Although these steps may seem difficult at first, follow them and you will have a happier and more obedient pet.

Dog Training Tips - What Is There To Learn by Craig Vic

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