Tips to Ease the Stress of Potty Training Your Puppy

>> 4/16/09

Many of us love the idea of a cheerful, playful puppy, but reality often checks in when we're cleaning up puppy mess. While potty training difficulty differs between dog breeds, there are a few tips that can often be applied to potty training any dog breed.

We need to realize that puppies are like children in that they are needy for attention and require a routine. The best thing you can do to ease the potty-training process for your pup is to make sure that you establish the "sleep-eat-potty" routine.

Although some people are adverse to the idea, others find that keeping a pallet of newspaper near an exit (one your puppy will soon associate with the outdoors). Although we do our best, we don't always pay attention or are in a position to let our dog outside-especially at nighttime. This is a positive alternative for your puppy to use until he develops better bladder control.

The sooner you get to know your puppy's "eat/potty" routine, the easier potty-training will become. A good rule to go by is to estimate that your pup will be ready for a trip outside around 15 - 20 minutes after he has been fed/watered. If you can, try to have your puppy outside at this time so he will familiarize himself with the proper "potty surroundings."

You might find that you can save yourself a lot of unproductive potty trips if you establish separate times to potty and play. You might take your pup outside to potty, then after a successful trip, take him inside. Wait as long as you like before making a separate trip outside for him to play. By separating these tasks, you'll greatly minimize your pup's confusion.

Remember to keep in mind that your puppy will only learn what you teach him, so be as simple and straightforward as possible. "Good boy" and "no" are some of the first terms of praise and discipline that should be taught. Keep these steps in mind and don't let potty training take away the joys of raising your puppy.

Tips to Ease the Stress of Potty Training Your Puppy by By Help Your Pets

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