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>> 4/20/09

Puppies are so adorable; everybody loves them. They are curious, fun, playful and cuddly and we tend to enjoy every aspect of having a new puppy until they do their duty in the house and then we have to contend with the biggest problem and difficulty of owning a new puppy, puppy house training.

House training a puppy can be frustrating and difficult at times. But we all need to recognize that a puppy is still just a baby. He has not yet learned how to control himself and until he reaches the age where he has some of the restraint he will need you to be patient and loving as you spend individual time with him teaching him what is admissible.

A young puppy that is less than 15 weeks of age might need to go outside as frequently as 2-3 times per hour. A puppy that is frolicking hard will also need to go out more frequently because playing creates urine. Remind yourself that your puppy is still not at the age where he can control himself so any mishaps at this point are not his fault but rather your fault for not taking him outside often enough.

The important thing to remind yourself of when you are potty training your puppy is to be consistent. Make sure and have a leash and take him to the same designated potty place every time. Use consistent commands such as "potty now" and repeat the commands as required. Consistency is what it crucial when it comes to puppy house training.

If you make the entire experience a positive one|potty training a positive experience for your puppy your puppy house training will be completed sooner. That means that you will need to be patient and loving even when there is a mishap. Just take him outside and praise him when he does it correctly and don't give it any attention when he does it wrong. Your puppy wants to please you so it is important that you do not do anything that will confound him.

It is unlikely that you will be able to be with your puppy all the time so when you need to be away from your puppy you should use a crate. Puppies and dogs are natural den animals and they like to have a small space of their own. Also, puppies will rarely dirty their own space so a crate will help to teach your puppy how to control himself.

Consistency is the most crucial aspect of puppy house training. Make sure that you use a consistent command and take him to the same place every time so that there is no confusion for him. Making the experience a positive one for him will also help him to learn quicker and you will be finished with your puppy house training earlier.

In a few short weeks your puppy house training will be done and you will no longer have to worry about accidents in the house. Puppy house training is the most important aspect of having a new puppy but it can be much simpler than you expect if you are consistent and positive.

Discover How To House Train Your Puppy Fast by Matt McGrath

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