Revealed: How to Stop Dogs Jumping

>> 4/11/09

If your dog jumps up on you it is most likely out of excitement, something that commonly happens when dog owners arrive home. Jumping dogs can be a real danger however, especially when they jump on children who may be the same size as them.

This however, is one of the easier training skills for your dog to learn. With proper training that is consistent and firm, you dog will keep his paws on the ground and not on your visitors.

One of the main reasons that dogs jump up on visitors is because they want to show that they are in your dogs house, and that your dog is the leader. In this case your dog could become aggressive with the visitors, this problem should be dealt with quickly.

Another reason he may jump on you or your visitors is to issue his greetings. In his attempt to say hello he may jump up and sniff you to be sure of whom you are. The only problem with that is in order to get that sniff of your face; he has to jump up to your chest to do it.

Another potential reason for your dogs jumping is because he has been rewarded or given extra attention for this behaviour at some time. Rewards and attention obviously encourage behaviour, therefore never reward jumping up no matter how cute it is.

One of the best ways to stop your dog jumping is to make arrive home a casual affair. Don't go overboard and turn it into a big deal. If your dog is all over you and bothering you a lot on your arrival, give him a quick squirt of water to the face - this will remind him that you need to be treated with respect.

Coming down to your dog's level is another way you can minimize the jumping. This way your dog will be able to sniff you without jumping up and also gets the attention he's after.

Don't play rough with your dog. Even though this can be fun, doing it shows your dog that you are allowing rough behaviour and even encouraging it. You will also be confusing your dog as it will have no idea when, where, and with whom, rough play is allowed.

When your dog is getting way out of hand, you need to put more emphasis on training your dog. Be firm with your dog on a consistent basis and teach the basic commands to your dog again. The "Sit", and "Off" commands are good to start with.

Revealed: How to Stop Dogs Jumping by Craig Clemins

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