Potty Training Tips for your Dog

>> 4/24/09

There is one key to successfully potty train a pet dog. Look at it as a relationship building activity with your pooch. Do not see it as a necessity to keep him from spreading his mess around unnecessarily. A good dog is one that is loyal, dependable and cheerful. Use the potty training affair as an opportunity to mold your puppy into one.

First important tip is to stick to a schedule when feeding the dog.This makes you anticipate his activity better. Be consistent in what you feed your dog, when you feed it, when you give it water and when you take the dog out for a walk.

Teaching them at an early stage helps a lot. Be prepared to extend the limits of your patience as you deal with puppies. Have a positive approach as you help them go through the task.

Once he shows the need, lead him to the designated place where he can do his thing. Show how he should position himself properly. Do this regularly. If he poops outside of the area, clean the mess immediately and mask the odor.

The designated toilet area can be outside the house or a corner of the backyard. Wherever the area is make sure it is one that he can easily find by himself later. Also have a handy leash while the dog is undergoing training.This makes it easier to lead him around.

Don't take him back immediately. Let him have some fun. Praise him if he does it right. Reinforce the idea regularly.

When he does the routine right, make an effort to praise him. Dogs love to be praised and they return that praise by being obedient to their owner. Potty training is all about building that bond between you and man's best friend.

Potty Training Tips for your Dog by Serena

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