How to Stop a Dog Barking

>> 4/3/09

Why do dogs bark and how to stop a dog barking, the answers to both these questions can be found below. Unwanted barking is one of the most common complaints I hear from dog owners. There are a number of reasons why dogs bark, before you can take any action to fix the problem you fist need to identify the cause of the barking.

How to Stop a Dog Barking

Before you can fully understand how to stop a dog barking, you need to have an idea of the causes of barking. One of the more common causes of barking is attention seeking. Many puppies learn from a young age that they can attract their owner's attention through barking. Older dogs sometimes bark because they have been left alone too long, because they are not getting enough exercise, or if they lack mental stimulation.

If you think that this is the cause of the barking, start giving your dog more exercise. Work on obedience training 4 times per week to mentally stimulate him, and provide him with lots of interesting toys so that he can entertain himself when you are not there. Try to spend some one on one time with your dog each day so that he doesn't feel neglected.

Your dog may also be barking because he's afraid of something. Loud noises such as those caused during thunder storms often cause dogs to bark. If this is happening to your dog, take him to a safe place like his crate and turn a radio on to provide some cover for the noise outside.

Separation anxiety is another common cause of barking. If your dog feels highly attached to you, it may start barking when you leave. Separation anxiety can also show up after a death in the family or after moving houses. The easiest way to treat this cause of barking is to train your dog that you will always return when you leave. You can do this by beginning to leave for a few minutes at a time and then coming back into the house. If your dog hasn't barked then you can give him a treat. Little by little start increasing the amount of time you have gone for. Slowly but surely your dog will learn that you will always return, even if you have gone for several house or more.

If the methods above have proved fruitless, you might want to try an anti-barking collar. Not everyone is in agreement with the use of these but some (such as the Citronella collar) are totally harmless and do seem to get good results.

How to Stop a Dog Barking by Craig Clemins

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Hopefully you now have a basic understanding of how to stop a dog barking. If you want more comprehensive information about How to Stop a Dog Barking, read our Secrets to Dog Training Review now.

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