Puppy House Training Effectively

>> 3/31/09

If you want to keep your house clean after deciding to adopt a new puppy, you need to insist on puppy house training rules. Each new puppy and its owner needs to work through house training. All puppies are different, some pick up things rather fast and some don't. It can take a while to see a difference once you start your puppy house training, so don't get frustrated. Keep being consistent, loving, and patient and your puppy will learn what you want.

Looking Into the Mind of Your Puppy

Knowing how your puppy's mind works can help a lot in effective puppy house training. You must realize that the meaning of being clean doesn't necessarily mean the same thing to you and to your puppy. You think it is important for your puppy to go to a chosen spot in the garden and "go", but to your pup, what's important is to relieve himself where the notion takes him. Your puppy's only concern is to go away from his food and bed which is also the health and safety rule of nature. From your puppy's point of view, a place away from his food and bed could be anywhere from behind the sofa up to the bedroom floor. These are perfectly acceptable places for him, but of course not for you - and what you have to do is teach him and guide him to a better spot - the one you have in mind for him!

Anticipation and the Signs

During the first couple of weeks of a puppy, the early warning signals aren't always easy to read, so you need to find a way to understand this as soon as possible. Choose a location soon that is close to the puppy's food, bed, or play area. It is very rewarding to be able to anticipate when your puppy needs to go outside. In general, puppies have to "go" after waking up, eating, drinking, getting excited, or playing as well as every hour in between!

You must also learn to read your puppy's body language and soon you'd realize the tell tale signs that tell you he needs to use the bathroom. Common signs are sniffing around in a persistent manner, circling around a single spot, or holding his tail high. When this happens, all you have to do is get your pup and bring him or her to the appointed toilet area. By doing so, you are well on your way to completing your puppy house training.

Even the best trained dogs will occasionally have small accidents when they are very excited or when greeting friends and family members. This type of response is natural and is called submissive urination. You shouldn't treat this differently from regular house training. You should never go as far as punishing you dog, even if other accidents occur. Punishing a house training pup will only lead to confusion and more make the puppy feel the need to hide when it relieves itself.

Do not yell at your dog, instead work things out until this habit is broken this when accidents like this happen during periods of high excitement. Try to make greetings low key and keep them outside if possible. Greet your dog gently in order to build up its confidence. Don't make a big deal out of an accident when it occurs.The next thing you know, your dog won't be having these types of accidents and you will be celebrating for having finished puppy house training successfully.

Puppy House Training Effectively by Shelly Ballard

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Puppy House Training Effectively by Shelly Ballard

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