Discover How To Leash Train Your New Puppy

>> 5/1/09

People and dogs both enjoy to go for walks. When you adequately train your puppy for the leash you can really enjoy your walks. If you fail to adequately train your puppy for the leash that same walk can be an exercise in frustration.

In order to properly leash train your puppy, you need to start when he is very young. It will be easier the younger he is. Start out by getting him used to the collar. At first he is probably going to fight it but just keep it on him. If he starts whining and crying about the collar and you take it off you will have just taught him how he can have his way and you will always have problems. Make him wear the collar; just make sure that you take it off from him before you crate him to avoid any accidents.

Soon your puppy will be used to the collar and he will be ready to do the same thing with the leash. Attach the leash and let him get used to it by letting him drag it around. Be sure that someone is watching him though as he could cause some chaos if he gets tangled up. Soon you can pick up the leash and start walking around the house. It is easier to start where he feels safe so even though it seems odd to walk your puppy in the house it is still the best place to start.

You can then walk him around in the yard. Make sure as you are walking that you reinforce the good behaviors and discourage the bad conduct.

Puppies will often pull at the leash. When he starts pulling the leash just stop moving and stand still. If you stop every time he pulls he will quickly learn not to pull anymore. Give him commands and communicate during this time also to encourage bonding and reinforce his training.

Another technique you can use when your dog is pulling is to turn and quickly walk the other direction. He will be confused but if you do it every time he will soon learn that pulling is something that you will not put up with. Repeat these techniques until he completely stops pulling on the leash.

Sometimes a puppy will just stop walking himself. If your puppy stops and will not come, you can persuade him with a treat. Put the treat at your feet and make him come to it. Don't call him to it. Soon he will learn that he should not stop when you are taking a walk.

As soon as your dog is walking next to you with the leash slack make sure that he knows that this is what you want. Words of praise and an occasional treat will go a long way towards reinforcing this behavior. Practice with him often and never let him get away with bad behavior and your puppy will be properly leash trained before you know it.

Discover How To Leash Train Your New Puppy by Mike Jones

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