Aggressive Dogs - Getting Control Now

>> 3/26/09

When you first bring home your sweet little puppy you never think that one day it could be a dog that is one mistake away from being sent off. Aggressive dogs are not created overnight. Dogs are not born aggressive or menacing towards people. Abusiveness or poor ownership towards dogs usually leads to aggressive behavior. You should be extra cautious about an adult dog you obtain from someone else and ensure that you put it through a dog obedience training program.

Showing your dog that you are the alpha and it is the beta is important to making housebreaking easy. Dog training is vital for more than just ensuring that she no longer chews your favorite shoes to pieces. Please take steps to prevent your dog from turning into one of the many aggressive dogs out there. When a dog gets into dog biting or dog growling, a lot of terrible outcomes may occur. If you perform the correct dog training, neither of these would happen.

The Terrible Aftermath Left From Aggressive Dogs

* Physical injuries to family, friends, or neighbors

* Emotional distress to children

* Damaged personal property

* Lawsuits that stem from all of the above situations

* The dog being one of the many that are euthanized every year

If you truly love and care for your pet it is time that you step up and make sure that the animal you love so much does not join the ranks of aggressive dogs. If you feel as though you are unable to control the situation on your own or you simply do not know where to start then seek outside help. There are many professional dog trainers out there who specialize in aggressive dogs.

The best thing that you as an owner can do is educate yourself on all the training information that you can find on aggressive dogs. Learn that hitting a dog is not the way to train it. If you act in a violent manner to your dog, it will become violent, so ensure that you're not at fault for creating aggressive dogs. The videos and books available might give you some success, however, in order to solve this problem, or preventing it from even starting, an expert can be invaluable.

Acquiring Outside Help

It doesn't matter if the trainer is free or if you have paid for their services, you must recognize that nothing is more important than understanding that you are responsible for your pet and its behavior. The owners are always the ones that are accountable for the behavior of their aggressive dog, so be sure to avoid the potential legal or moral situations.

If you have a dog that has not yet experienced signs of becoming one of the many aggressive dogs out there then you have a little time. But if your dog has shown any signs of rough play or destructive behavior then you have no time to waste.

Aggressive Dogs - Getting Control Now by Jeff Fletcher

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