Tips and Tricks to Improve Dog Behavior Training

>> 3/3/09

Before deciding whether or not you should get a puppy or young dog, you must realize there are several aspects of dog training behavior to be addressed in order to have a dog you can enjoy and love. Of course house breaking is a major issue, but there is also leash training, bark and bite control, stopping the whining, dealing with urination when the dog becomes excited, and even crate training.

When it comes to house training you need to be able to follow your dog's cues, take your time, and understand that a dog is learning bladder control just as humans do when potty training. To start house breaking, leave a large area of newspaper in one area of the house. Take the puppy to the papers whenever you notice them sniffing, and if they have an accident, show them and then take them to the paper. Gradually reduce the amount of paper to make the area smaller, and start taking the puppy outside at regular intervals of time to get the puppy used to the idea of going to the door.

Leash training a puppy is very important when it comes to walking and exercising the puppy. Leash training will take time and practice, but you need to quickly assert that you are the one in control. Anytime the puppy behaves less than the way you want, gently tug at the leash and say a command of your choice. This will help with socialization in the long run.

Bark and bite control is essential to the dog and its owner living in harmony. The neighbors would not enjoy a loud dog barking all the time and dogs must learn not to bite everything or everyone they see. Allowing the dog to spend time with other dogs is key in preventing this as the litter mates and pack will show the animal that these behaviors are not the way to act.

One of the hardest things to deal with is the urination when a dog gets excited. This is something that nearly every puppy does, and it can be bothersome to the owner. Stop the dog from getting so excited by exposing him or her to the things that excite him or her often enough to prevent them from being a stimuli. If you get angry, you'll turn the urination into submissive urination because the dog does not understand why or how he or she has upset you and is trying to please you. Either urination will be a problem.

The sooner you can get the dog's whining under control the better for everyone. The dog probably whines because he or she does not want to be away from you, so before you go away for long periods of time be sure to give puppy time to adjust and reward small periods of alone, quiet time before pushing the long ones.

Whining is something dogs love to do and their owners hate to hear. It is usually the result of separation anxiety from the family and his or her loved ones. The way to combat this is to train your dog to be left alone and quiet for short periods of time before leaving them alone for a longer period of time.

Many people decide not to get a dog because the dog behavior training seems to be overwhelming for them and they do not believe they have the time or the patience to deal with it. The fact is that as long as you are willing to take the time to focus and love on the dog as you are working on the behavior training"many dogs grow up and train with ease. Obedience school may help you with these issues, but it will not take the place of your dog behavior training at home.

Tips and Tricks to Improve Dog Behavior Training by Joe R. Hilliard.

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