How to Stop Dogs Jumping

>> 3/19/09

Jumping dogs can be a real nuisance. Dogs that jump up on you can actually be a real danger, especially if they are large dogs. They can scratch you and cause real damage. Most dogs learn that jumping is OK when they are puppies. Puppies obviously cause no harm when jumping and are in many case encourage to do so " the problem comes later in life when they are fully grown.

When excited or happy to see you, your dog may jump up on you. This is almost always the reason that dogs jump on people. The other reason dogs jump on people is in an attempt to dominate. If your dog is trying to dominate you, take the matter very seriously " it should not be accepted under any circumstances.

If your dog is jumping out of excitement you will be able to tell. Likewise, if your dog is jumping on you randomly throughout the day without any real reason, its most likely due to your dog trying to exert dominance over you.

If your dog is trying to exert dominance over you, its vital that you show your dog that you are indeed the Alpha dog. You cant become the Alpha dog instantly, but through applying a few recommendations (shown below), you will quickly be able to command your dogs respect. Here's what you need to do to become the Alpha dog:

1. Greet your dog only when you are ready to do so. Make your dog wait 10 minutes after you arrive home before you greet it.

2. Make your dog work hard for your attention. Make it obey some simple command before you give it any attention.

3. Always give you dog food once you and your family have finished your meals.

4. Train your dog in the basics " sit, stay, come, etc

Following these 4 simple tips will get you in Alpha Dog position in no time at all.

Having achieved Alpha dog status " you are now in a position to train your dog not to jump. Before starting the training, remember that consistency is the key to success, and that no jumping should ever be allowed unless asked for.

You can easily show that jumping up on people is not acceptable just by ignoring your dog teach time it happens. Simply turn away and give your pooch the cold shoulder.

Stay ignoring your dog for a few moments until it has calmed down and is in the standing position on all fours. Now praise your dog.

Practice makes perfect so keep practicing the method mentioned above. In a very short time frame your dog will learn not to jump up on you.

How to Stop Dogs Jumping By Craig Clemins

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